Amazing Gift Exchange Games to Surprise Your Guests

Gift exchange gamesGift exchange games are great aids to spice up your celebrations. They can be easily planned for a party at home or in your office. These games are quite a blessing when it comes to getting away with unwanted gifts at home. However, there are also chances that you may end up with a gift that is weirder than the one you got rid off!

Yes, the best part about these games is the fact that you can play them with or without any budget. To decide the kind of gifts that would be exchanged in the party, it is best to have a ‘themed gift exchange’. This means that it would be predetermined as to what kinds of gifts would be expected―unused gifts lying at home, gag gifts, small inexpensive gifts, handmade gifts, or gifts set within a budget (say below $20 or so).

Different games call for different kinds of gifts. And this is what adds to the fun quotient of the whole activity. If you too are up to making your next get together a ‘gift exchange party’, then the following section will give you some great games to include.
Be it a party at home, office, or perhaps a picnic with friends, these games are more than enough to get the fun started! In fact, you wouldn’t get a better icebreaker if the party includes people you don’t know that well. The following are

Beautiful Bachelorette Gifts That Will Reach Straight to the Heart

Gifts for a bacheloretteThe life of a woman changes permanently once she is married. She becomes more mature and has to handle umpteen responsibilities as well. The last few days before she gets married are the most wonderful days of her single life. She is pampered and spoiled not only by her parents and siblings but also by her near and dear friends and relatives.
In earlier times, bachelorette gifts were mostly essential household items to help the new bride and the groom set up their home. However, times have changed now. Many of the brides-to-be are career oriented women and are living on their own before their wedding. Today, bachelorette presents focus on helping the bride herself. Bachelorette parties are arranged so that friends and relatives of the bride-to-be get together and have lots of fun teasing and pampering her. There are many amusing and memorable gifts that could be given to a bachelorette.
Bachelorette Gift Ideas

Another useful gift is fancy, fashionable lingerie. You could get the bride-to-be a set of good lingerie keeping in mind the honeymoon destination of the newly married couple. This is one of the most popular gifts.

A unique gift may be presenting a honeymoon coupon to an exotic place which offers the newly wedded couple a much-needed, refreshing getaway. You, along with a few close friends, can contribute towards purchasing a honeymoon voucher to a place which the newly married couple doesn’t feel they can afford out of their own

A Guide for Selecting the Right Gift Card

Tip to pick the right gift cardThe introduction of gift cards in 1994, by Blockbuster Entertainment, has brought about a revolution among shopping enthusiasts. While initially they took time to gain their due share of attention, and many people considered them to be an insensitive gift option, now, according to the First Data Corp. survey, 93% people would rather receive a USD 25 gift card than an actual gift worth the same amount.

This revelation has brought smiles to those who consider buying an actual gift for their near and dear ones a baffling experience. Because of the freedom and flexibility gift cards tend to offer, and the popularity they have gained, this industry is now worth USD 100 billion! Each and every retailer, be it online, or at the brick and mortar stores, offers gift cards of different denominations to lure customers to make a purchase. Research reveals that the maximum number of buyers end up purchasing more than the authorized amount―making the scheme profitable for the sellers.

How to Choose the Right Gift Card

The holiday season is in full swing, and you must be wanting to buy awesome gift cards for your loved ones. The following section will take you through the important factors that you must consider when it comes to selecting the right gift card from the unlimited options available.

Selecting the Retailer

You might be confused regarding what to buy, but you must do some prior research on the recipient’s likes and dislikes

Things You Need to Know About Vanilla Visa Gift Cards

Fact about Vanilla visa gift cardA gift card looks just like a credit card and is used to purchase gifts and other items by means of a preloaded amount on the card. It is a convenient alternative to gifting cash, very much like a gift voucher.

Vanilla Visa is one such gift card that is highly popular, very convenient for online purchase and available in two or three variants. The following paragraphs will answer some of your questions related to the Vanilla Visa gift cards.


These cards were issued by The Bancorp Bank and carry the official, registered Visa logo.
Initially, a fixed amount needs to be loaded on the card, and depending on the amount, there is a spending limit.
It works very much like a Visa debit card, and is accepted wherever the Visa debit card is accepted.
It is available in the cash limits of USD 25, USD 50, and USD 100. Thus, you can choose a card that suits your budget.
It can be gifted for weddings, birthdays, and graduation parties.

How to Use the Card Online?

The card is normally used for gift purchases at different stores and shopping outlets. All you need to do is swipe it and push the credit key on the keypad.
However, it is widely used for online shopping as well.
Since it is a prepaid card, you know exactly how much you can buy even at online stores.
Also, it works similar to a debit card or

12 Golden Birthday Gift Ideas for Her

Golden birthday gift ideaIrrespective of age, birthdays are always a joyous and exciting occasion. Right from childhood there is always an excitement to celebrate that special day when you get to be the center of attention, receive loads of love and gifts, fuss over clothes, and plan for the evening where you get to party with friends and family. And the cherry on the cake, is literally devour a large chunk of your birthday cake!
What makes that special day sparkle even more, is a little thing called the golden birthday! For those of you who are not familiar with the term golden birthday, let me explain. A golden birthday is a once-in-a-lifetime event that occurs when you turn the same age as your birth date. For instance, if your birthday falls on the 25th, and you turn 25 that year, then that birthday is said to be your golden birthday.
Now that I’ve sparked your interest, here are some great golden birthday gift ideas for the leading lady in your life, then be it your daughter, friend, girlfriend, or wife.
Golden Birthday Gift Ideas for Her
Golden Birthday Gift Ideas for Girls Between the Ages of 1 – 12

Girls of this age are always very excited about their birthdays. Make her eyes really sparkle by telling her that it is their golden birthday. As for gifts, you can present them plush toys, dolls and doll house, a cycle with pretty and sparkly tassels, etc. Set these birthdays

Birthday Presents for Boyfriend

Surprise romantic dinner as birthday presentDefinitely, as it is your boyfriend’s birthday, you have been planning to celebrate this day since the time you starting dating him. Your boyfriend’s birthday is the best day to show him how much you care and love him. Shower him with affection to make his day worth much more than what he had imagined. So here are a few ideas to make some of the fabulous birthday presents your boyfriend. Get a little creative, naughty and pour in dollops of love into making his day an unforgettable one!

Love is in The Air
Cascade your love with romantic birthday presents for your boyfriend. A gift does not always have to be an expensive branded one. Here’s an inexpensive, but a very special way to celebrate his birthday. Cook a homemade meal with his favorite dishes and pack it up. Don’t forget to add a bottle of fine wine. Blindfold your guy and take him out on a drive to a secret place, maybe a place he has never seen before. Once you get there, lay the table, either on the roof of the car or at the back of the car. Remove his blinds, open the bottle of wine and raise a toast to a new year of his life!

Have it His Way
I am sure, you’ve read between the lines. It’s his day and he gets to make the choice. Sharing moments of passion is an excellent to

6 Thoughtful Gift Ideas for Your 9th Wedding Anniversary

9th wedding anniversary gift ideaTraditionally pottery or copper is given on the 9th wedding anniversary. However, people often gift leather goods.
Ah … it’s that time of the year when you celebrate uniting with your soulmate. Like every year, you are probable hitting the mall or frantically searching for a perfect gift online. Trying to recollect what was that he/she had said they wanted? Well, we might not be able to help you remember what they had requested for, but we can help you come up with artistic, creative, and unique gift options for your wife or husband.
Anniversary is not just a time to remember when that significant someone married you, it is the time you show them how much they mean to you and how grateful or thankful you are for them. You can convey this message to them through your acts with a little help from gifts.
Immortalized Moments

If you are a romantic at heart, and have saved those flowers that were once gifted to you, or movie tickets given by him or her, frame them. Immortalize them by hanging them on the wall for everyone to see. You could also consider immortalizing the vows you had read out on your wedding day.

You might not be a wiz with words, but you could always look up your honey’s favorite poem, print it out on handmade paper, and get it framed. You can also choose to get the gold embossing done before framing it. If

Anniversary Gift Ideas for Boyfriend

Anniversary gift ideas for boyfriendA lot of us wonder if giving someone a gift is really worth the hassle; isn’t it enough to just give them a greeting card? While that sounds like a logical argument, the idea of giving someone a gift goes beyond the act of spending. It’s about taking time out from a busy schedule to select a gift specially for someone, choosing something after careful consideration.

Not all of us put in the time and effort when buying a gift, where those who actually do, are the best of the lot. It shows you care and love this person enough to put that much energy behind something that sounds simple, yet isn’t.

When it comes to selecting a gift, it isn’t a cinch. Keep your eyes peeled and your ears perked for any hints that could help pick out a gift. If you’re still clueless, then these anniversary gift ideas for a boyfriend can help.

Great Anniversary Gift Ideas for a Boyfriend

For the Born Casanova

Well-Tailored Suit
Wrist Candy

A guy must own a classic, sartorially-impeccable tux that can be worn to any affair, whether it’s a business meeting or intimate dinner. No one’s asking you to put a hefty load on your credit card by buying a Tom Ford tux; the following options are just as worthy.

Tip: How about pairing the tux with a statement wristwatch? Or you could just choose one of either ideas, depending on what you think he needs most.

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